Who Is Graeme Alden? – Graeme Alden Clothing


Who Is Graeme Alden?


       I’m Graeme (gra-ham) & this is how Graeme Alden Clothing got started. At the end of senior year of  highschool, seniors were asked to make a presentation on what their plans were after high school. I decided before starting the project I wanted to become an entrepreneur & build my name into an empire. I know, I know big thoughts, but how was I going to start?

       I started by opening an online clothing store. Today, Graeme Alden Clothing is more than just a store. My end goal is to have a size inclusive brand & cater to everyone no matter their age, gender or size. I want each piece to be of quality that will last & is affordable for the  everyday person.

       Graeme Alden Clothing is just getting started & I hope you come along for the journey.