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How To Shop Online & Save!

Shopping online has taken over the way we shop! You no longer need to leave your house to buy everyday things or to splurge on yourself. With online shopping you can easily compare prices from across the web & find the best deals. 
       The first way I personally save online is that I have an app called Honey on my laptop & before you ask, no this isn't sponsored but it should be. When I find something online that I like Honey will let me know of any coupon codes or if I can find the same product for cheaper somewhere else. Honey automatically applies the coupon codes at checkout so that I can get the max amount of savings. 
       The second way I save online is I buy only what I need. I don't online shop or shop in general for fun, it's just not my thing. So I get what I need/want & checkout. It's best to go into any store with a list of what you need & stick to that list. Online shopping is no different even though so many products are right in front of your face with great deals. 
       The third way you can save online is by making a list of everything you want/need throughout the year & when Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales start do all of your shopping during those times. Yes, this does take patience but it's worth it with the amount you'll save. With this patience also comes not having to deal with the crowds or lines of in person shopping. 
       The fourth way you can save is shop Graeme Alden Clothing! Of course I had to shamelessly drop a plug. But really though, I've seen some of the same products that I sell go for much higher on other websites. For example, I had lace rompers last summer for $40 & another business was selling them for $60!  That also didn't include free shipping that I offer. I care about making my clothing affordable for the everyday person & giving them the quality that they pay for. 
       By implementing these saving tactics the next you want to splurge on yourself or buy the everyday essential you can save big!

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