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7 Basic Wardrobe Essentials That Every Woman Must Have

       Hey everyone! If you read the article on 6 Basic Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Must Have then this article will be that same for women. If you haven't then you can read that here. Since there's so many options for women I tried my best to simplify everything into a quick seven essentials. Starting with something that every woman must have (probably already have) is a black dress or a solid color dress THAT FITS YOUR BODY SHAPE. Fit is crucial in shopping for clothes. If you don't know your body shape there's an infographic below.

        The second must have is a matching suit either a pant suit or a skirt & blazer. I prefer a pant suit since it's more modern for a woman but the choice is yours. Again, I can't stress this enough make sure whatever you choose fits you
PROPERLY, get measured & know what you want to excentuate & what you want to distract from. 
       Third on the list & this is the same for men & women, find black & blue jeans that fit your body shape & strive for getting skinny or regular fit. Both are great options but, skinny fit will give you a more tailored look than regular fit. 
       Similar to men, finding the right t-shirt the same is for women. Look for t-shirts preferably no v-neck or any other cut. For color look for colors that compliment your skin tone. If you don't have time to try them on, go for a black & a white shirt. 
       Now on to shoes, a classic staple in every woman's closet should be a solid NEUTRAL color pair of heels, if you don't like heels find another formal shoe that is a solid NEUTRAL color. I emphasized neutral because yes your favorite color may be baby blue, pink or purple those don't go with every outfit like black does. After you find the right heels find some athletic shoes & these are different from gym shoes. They'll act more of your casual shoes for everyday. Find a color that is neutral such as white, gray or black. White is for the brave but if you're careful & don't mind the clean up then you could pull them off. Finally, the last pair of shoes you need is flats of the same neutral palette.You'll eventually get sick of wearing your heels, or maybe just want another option.

       The most important accessory of all! Yes, more important than your wedding ring is SUNGLASSES! Your wedding ring won't keep your under eyes wrinkle free. I put a sunglass chart below so that you can find the right sunglass shape to fit your face. 

Even the fit of sunglasses is important because not all shapes will fit you no matter how much you like them. 

       The last basic wardrobe essential is perfume! Perfume is very personal to what you like & what you find suits your personality & taste best. Go to your nearest perfume store & start smelling your options because there's so many out there & there will be one for you.
       That concludes the 7 Basic Wardrobe Essentials That Every Woman Must Have. I hope you learned something & you can save this & come back to it when you're out shopping to update your wardrobe.

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