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6 Basic Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Must Have

       Hey everyone! This blog post is about the 6 Basic Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Must Have. The first on the list is solid colored t-shirts. I prefer no v-neck or other cut collared shirts just regular solid t-shirts. Make sure that these shirts compliment your skin tone & don't wash you out. If you have any confusion on what might look best, always go for white & black. 

       The second must have is jeans THAT FIT YOU (I had to bold & italicize that because so many people don't look/care about how their pants fit). Try several styles of jeans & see how they fit and if you like the fit. I personally recommend skinny fit or regular fit. ALWAYS AVOID Carpenter pants (unless you're a carpenter), loose fitting pants & boot cut pants (unless you need them). 

      Third on the list and this is to dress up any simple t-shirt (the ones you previously got above) is to find a matching blazer & pants THAT FIT. Get yourself measured, know what your measurements are going into the search. As usual I would steer clear of any bright or neon colors and I stick to neutral colors & personally love navy blue or light grey. 

      Now onto shoes! These are just as important as everything else as these can make or break an outfit. There are 3 types of shoes I recommend. First is black boots (not construction), I like either the classic Doc Martens or Chelsea Boots (you can click the link and see what you like). As for casual/athletic shoes also look for neutral colors such as white, grey & black unless you know you can pull off a different color (& others agree) then stick to the basics. Lastly for more formal shoes I love derby shoes I have a pair in solid black & a pair in tan & white. If you just want basic (& that will match with anything) go for the black derby shoes as these will dress up a casual outfit (the t-shirt & jeans), or complete a formal to semi formal outfit (the matching blazer & pants). 

      Now for accessories, the most important accessory is sunglasses! They protect your eyes, prevents under eye wrinkles & can be UVA & UVB protected. Also notably important is what sunglasses fit your face. I know that aviator sunglasses fit my face shape. You can find which fit your face below. Important note: ALWAYS WEAR SUNGLASSES WHILE THE SUN IS OUT. 

      Lastly and probably one of my favorite parts is cologne! If you don't smell good then you don't look good. PERIOD. When you smell good it enhances your overall appearance, makes people remember you more & is overall a good habit to have & a good product to invest in. You can either have a signature scent that you stick to or like to change it up & explore. I personally like both options. My signature scent right now is Givenchy Gentlemen Only. It's my go to if I don't have time to smell all the options while shopping.  

      That's all for my 6 Basic Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Must Have. I hope you learned something & save this as a refresher the next time you're shopping online or in person.

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