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5 Pieces That Are Worth The Investment For Women

This article is about the five pieces that are worth the investment for women. I wrote an article about the five pieces that are worth the investment for men here. The same ruling goes for women, there are two types of investment pieces to consider, the ones you wear every day that are high quality & the ones you never wear but go up in value over time. I look at the everyday wear investment as something you don't plan to resale but are made with ONLY high quality fabrics. Quality fabrics are made of hemp, wool, cashmere, silk, leather, cotton & linen. Meaning ABSOLUTELY NO rayon, polyester or acrylic. Both the everyday & investment pieces for women will widely differ from those of men because the women's market is more dense with high quality investment pieces.  
       Starting off with everyday pieces to invest in, the first piece would have to be a tailored blazer of a solid neutral color such as black, white or navy blue. You can wear it often to simply dress up a casual outfit or complete a formal outfit for an interview or a night out.
       The second is jeans, in black & blue that fit you properly. These don't have to be expensive but they must be high quality so they won't shrink or fade after a few washes. 
       Third is jewelry, the jewelry that has a high resale value is diamonds. start investing in diamond necklaces, Rings, bracelets or just a loose diamond to keep in a safe spot in pristine condition ready to be sold or put on display for your own pleasure.
       Fourth piece to invest in is a high-quality designer purse. Not just any designer, for the best resale value go for Chanel or Hermes. Hermes would be your best bet for a high resale value, as they release a limited edition crocodile purse once in awhile that almost doubles in price over time.
       The last piece to invest in is quality heels to make a casual outfit better & complete a formal one. Christian Louboutin & Valentino have the shoes with the highest resale value. 
       I definitely suggest investing in high quality pieces that will last you long-term versus buying a cheap material that won't last you.

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