5 Pieces That Are Worth The Investment For Men

       There are two types of investment pieces to consider, the ones you wear everyday that are high quality & the ones you never wear but go up in value over time. I look at that everyday wear investment as something you don't plan to resell but are made with ONLY high quality fabrics. Quality fabrics are made of hemp, wool, cashmere, silk, leather, cotton & linen.  Meaning ABSOLUTELY NO rayon, polyester or acrylic.
       The everyday investment pieces I suggest investing in are high-quality shirts preferably a solid color that will go with any outfit, these shirts can be t-shirts or dress shirts. Second, you can't go wrong with high-quality solid color dress pants that are made of linen, cotton, cashmere or hemp. Third, invest in timeless jeans (these don't have to be super expensive) make sure they're the perfect fit on you in a color of either black or blue. Be sure that the color won't fade out after a few washes  & won't lose its hold over the years. Lastly, invest in some high-quality leather dress (or casual) shoes that will last you years upon years  & remain timeless. 
      As for an investment piece that you should keep in pristine condition if you want to resale are watches. Not just any watch brand but brands Patek Philippe, Hermes & Rolex have high resale value. These watch brands resale for well over 20-30 thousand depending on the model. 
       I definitely suggest investing in high quality pieces that will last you a long time versus short-term buying into a trend or cheap material that won't last long.

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